Sex Therapy

This a true story about me giving therapy to my aunt Sharon to quit smoking ,as my uncle doesn`t like the smell and all the ash with it ,As he has kids in the house and had called me to help him ,and to look after that Sharon my aunt didn`t smoke in the house in his absence.Just to describe my aunt well, she is in he 30`s rnot all that great looking just the average look one might say ,37-30-35 was her figure which i got to know later on, but with boobs like her who wouldn`t like to fuck her. One day i caught aunt smoking in the kitchen and from there the story follows, as below

Aunt Sharon was on her knees in the living room kneeling between my legs. Then I was probably ten years younger to her . My cock was in her mouth.

For a brief moment, she started having flashbacks to the events that led up to the blowjob. The urge to bite my dick off hit her.

She fought off the urge though. She was having fun and she was very horny so she continued sucking like a milk-starved baby.

Sharon worked for a famous actor. Like many celebrities, this one had an excellent public persona, but he was a pain in the ass to get along with in real

life and doubly hard to work for. He was always making ridiculous demands.

Before she got this job, she'd seen a movie about a celebrity's manager who had to remove specific colors of candy from a candy jar.

She thought it was funny. She had no idea they really did dumb shit like that in real life.

So she reached home and was finishing up a nice dinner in the kitchen for her husbands ,when the box of cigarettes in her back pocket started getting her

nerves. She took it out and tossed it on the counter in the corner.

It was a strict rule that there was no smoking in this house, inside or outside, her husband/uncle hated the smell of smoke in his house and he hated having

cigarette butts and ashes outside his house. She figured it wouldn't matter as long as the cigarettes were on the table unlit, which was true.

The only problem was that she had worked a whole shift without smoking one cigarette. The power of sight was a strong one. She was alright when she couldn't

see them, but now that they were in plain view, she needed one bad as hell. She pulled one out and lit it up.

Ahhhhh. This was the greatest pleasures in life for her .

She felt good. Sucking on that cancer stick at that moment was the closest thing she'd felt to sex in a long time.

She knew she was taking a risk. She knew she should have stopped after the first few hits. But she couldn't. She just stood there and sucked and sucked until

half the cigarette was gone. She was dumping ashes on the table the whole time instead of putting them in the trash can. What was she thinking?

I scared the crap out of her when I came in and called out her name. She put the cigarette down.She thought uncle had came.

She said, "Sorry, I was gonna tidy it up."

"That looks disgusting," I said.

"I'm sorry. I was gonna tidy it up. I was gonna tidy the kitchen."

"Look," I continued, "you're one of four people that use the kitchen in this house. Nobody else smokes but you. Everybody else complains about it and i`m out

of excuses trying to save from uncle. You're gonna have to leave. That's all there is to it,or else i`ll have to tell uncle."

Sharon was a long way from her office and her previous stressful job ,had tought her to smoke and the only friends she had were living in that house

including me . She didn't have a clue what she would do if she lost that job. It would mean losing her only source of income for smoking and other stuff she

liked to doand not my uncle . My aunt felt the true meaning of fear.

"I can't leave. I only smoke now and again," she said in her sweet soft voice.

As I, commented on the amount of crap that was lying on his counter,and said, "Finish cleaning up. I'm going to go read the paper. But I want you to quit the

smoking in the morning,or else i`ll have ..." and I walked away,just giving her something to think.

She was alone now. She stared at the cigarette still burning on the sponge. She hated it. It had taken everything from her. But as much as she hated it, she

still couldn't do without it so she picked it up and took one last drag before stubbing it out and cleaning up.

She found me sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. Knowing me, she probably thought that i was reading an article about sports.

She sat beside me and crossed her legs. Trying to look as innocent as she possibly could, she said, "Look, I'm sorry. I cleaned up the kitchen."

I put the paper down. "You've been told before," i said. "Sorry, but how many times do I have to tell that you can't smoke in the house?"

"John, give me a break. I've been trying to quit, you know",she replied.

"Well I haven't seen any evidence of any improvement what-so-ever during the time I stayed here. I mean, what can you do to just stop smoking?"

"I'm a good wife and i love your uncle. I pay my respect."

"So does everybody else," i rebutted. "And they don't smoke."

"I'm good to you, John. I'll look after you."

There was something about the way she said she'll look after me that let me knowing, she was saying a lot more than just that. She was desperate-I knew this,

but now I understood how desperate she was. If I wasn't mistaken, Sharon had tacitly made him a sexual proposition.

"I need looking after, I admit," he said as he got adjusted on the couch.

Sharon fixed her hair and then adjusted her tits in the low-cut shirt she was wearing. They didn't need adjusting but she was trying to draw my attention to

them, show me how big and juicy they were.

She said, "I can do things that the other girlfirends can't do",and you don`t have to say anything to your uncle about this incident.

She started touched my leg and started going for my crotch. I pushed her hand away. I wanted her, but not like this. I was a decent Boy and didn't want the

relationship with my uncle get spoil like this . I would LOVE to fuck her, but not as a business deal. Therapy, on the hand, was a different story. As i

thought about her in my mind how would she look naked and how would it feel ,filling her pussy with my man juice, then all of a sudden i remembered a

therapy in the news paper ,giving attention to something else ,when you have a arge for something, like taking your mind off it.

Then referring to her smoking problem, I said, "That's very nice, sort of therapy that might work for you."

"Did you?",she said.

"It's called sex therapy. It works really good for smokers."

"Go on; I'm listening.",she replied.

"You see, what happens is that when you crave a cigarette, it's an oral fixation. It's a substitute for putting something else in your mouth. So what you do

is every time you fixate on having a cigarette, you:suck a dick."

Sharon my aunt was feeling much better now. She was confident that she'd be able to stay. She was leaning towards me with her legs crossed and her back

arched. She was wearing a form-fitting gold top with a very short, black miniskirt and high heels. She looked damned good, to say the least.

"So I have to suck cock every time I want a cigarette?" asked my aunt.

"Yes. It's better than a cigarette because it lasts much longer and there's more enjoyment involved. And you don't have to stop there. You can do more than

just suck cock. And it's healthier for you. You get plenty of exercise.",i said with some anticipation from her side,but i said keeping my uncle in mind.

Aunty was trying to hold back a smile, Well i was pouring it on thick, but she had to admit that all of his bullshit made a lot of sense. Maybe it would

work. Who knew?

"Feasible," she said.

"If you're really craving a cigarette and I'm around, I'm more than willing to let you experiment with me."There i said it.She was shocked at first but

something in her mind was cooking ,she replied.


"And if we were experimenting, we would have to be tolerant at least a little longer of you staying here."

"So, uh, I could do with a cigarette now," she said.

"Right now? Right this minute?"

"Yeah. I have to get your cock out."and started undoing my belt and zipper. Then I kicked my shoes off, stood up, and slid my pants down.

Sharon got on her knees. She crawled up to my already-hard penis and took it in her hand. She lowered her face and wrapped her juicy lips around my shaft.

"Oh,ahhh," sound escaped from me.

Sharon had a soft tongue. She used it a lot and she used it well. She slid it along my cock on the way down and twisted it along the sides on the way up for

that extra special feel. She would pull it complete out of her mouth. She'd look it over, see the way the lights shined off her saliva, lick all around the

head, and deep-throat him(my dick).

This was about the time that the urge to bite it off hit her. But she was enjoying it-she hadn't had sex in a long time either-so the urge only lasted a

quick second. She also liked the fact that my pubic hair was cut low so it didn't get in her mouth when she deep sucked him.

She stopped briefly to get her top off. I was more then happy to help. She slid her skirt off when she was done with that.

All she was wearing was gold panties and her shoes. I had to give it to her. She had great taste in buying sexy clothes.

She climbed all the way on the couch and knelt over. Her blonde hair was blocking my sight, but i felt her lips gliding gently down my shaft before she

closed them tightly around the bottom and came back up.

I had fucked a lot of women during my college years in Gym,Shower,canteen. This one ranked at the top when it came to sucking cock.

I didn't know what was better. Her mouth or the way she used her hand to jerk and feed more of my prick in her mouth.

I was feeling her tits most of the time. Then I reached around and cupped her ass. It felt nice.

I reached a little further and touched the panty string that was lining her pussy. I moved it out of the way. I put my fingers between her pussy lips. I

couldn't believe how wet she was.

I was going to let her suck him all the way off, but there was no way i could pass on a pussy that wet.

I let her suck him a while longer as he fingered her. It was gushing and bubbly. Her pussy kept getting hotter and wetter the more I fingered her.

She stopped to get in a more comfortable position, but now i had in mind on something else. I started pulling my aunt out of her panties as he joked about

her "oral fixation." She chuckled and continued taking her panties and shoes off.

Totally naked at last, then i made her lie on her back. I went down on her. Her pussy tasted good. The scent was strong and it was driving my lust.

Sharon had my whole lower face drenched in her juices. Her cunt was steamy wet and tender.

On occasion I would look up and see her beautiful body spread so wide open, her elegant hands cupping her tits, her mouth agape as she gasped for breath. My

cock got so hard it hurt.

I needed to fuck her right now. Usually i used condoms, but there was something about a pussy as wet as this that made me want to fuck her raw.

As i sat on the free side of the couch and waved her over. She got up and mounted him reverse cowgirl style.

I was right. As expected, Sharon had a very tight snatch. It was the kind of pussy that you would normally have to take all day to ease into because it was

so tight. The only reason i didn't have to this time was because she was so wet.

"Oh, oh, oh yeah," moaned Sharon as she bounced her sweet twat on my cock.

Sharon spread her pussy lips wider. She looked down so she could see it penetrating her. She was stroking her clit. It felt so good.

She turned around and rode him the other way. This was better because now i had her tits in my face.

As she bounced and ground on my cock, her tits bounced and swayed with her. I stuck my tongue out and licked whatever part came in contact with it.

I had a tight grip on her hips and was lifting her off and driving her back down on his eager, throbbing, hard cock. Sharon had gotten so wet that i could

feel her juices dripping all the way down to my balls.

"Oh, yeah! OH! Oh, god!" she screamed.

She dismounted me, got on her knees, and slowly licked every drop of pussy juice from it. Sharon loved the taste of her own pussy. Going from pussy to mouth

was one of her favorite things to do.

She sucked him long enough to give it its maximum stiffness, just the way she liked it. Then she bent over, arched her back, and waited patiently with her

eyes shut for something stiff to come plug her.

I eased up behind her. slowly shoved every inch of cock in her and started banging her hard. She felt so damn good. I wanted to drive my cock straight

through her and touch her heart with it.

"Ah, oh, oh, yeah. oh my god," she moaned.

I fucked her so hard that I lost my balanced and started falling to the left. Instead of fighting it, I lay on my side and motioned for aunt to join. I eased

back into her and picked up where I left off, but now i was fucking her on their sides.

After a few minutes, I tossed one of her legs over my left shoulder and the other one onto the other shoulder.

Sharon was completely on her back with her legs pinned in the air. It left me with a perfect, unimpeded, straight shot right up her guts. It was the perfect

position for his goal, which was to shove his cock from her pussy into her chest.

Of course I didn't accomplish this goal, but not because of lack of trying. I drilled her hard as she cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh, god, yeah! Oh!!"

I thrust and grinded in her, fucked her hard and slow, shoved it in and out.

as i archedmy back ,I paused and my mouth flew open and a moan from the gut came bellowing out.

my legs started spasming. I was having trouble keeping them upright. my ass clenched and released several times as cum shot into Sharon's horny nest, filling

her up with loads of sticky spoo.

As i pulled out. Sharon then realized what had happened.

"Oh, did you cum inside me?"

I spread her pussy lips and said, "There it is."

She leaned as far forward as she could. Sure enough, there were traces of my man juice on the edges of her hole and more was starting to bubble out.

I touched it and started rubbing it up and down the split. Sharon moaned as I did it.

"You're gonna quit smoking in no time,mu lovely aunt sharon" said me,with more to expect.

"I know," said Sharon. "I really don't think I want to smoke anymore."

"You're gonna be a little sex addict."

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