My Sweet 16

I was raised in a very conservative home. Very strict parents. We went to church every week. We knew all of the "proper etiquette: for when we had guests over. We couldn't swear. And my brother and I were always taught that sex was absolutely, and without any question- wrong. Unless, ofcourse, you were married and it was for making babies. My house, therefore, was usually a pretty tense place to be- with so many rules. And since I'm both a girl, and the youngest, I was always treated like a baby. The only person who ever treated me like I was a capable, responsible person was my brother, Todd. We were allies in that house, unlike other siblings. Since our parents were always coming down on us, we became eachother's confidants. A really powerful bond, since it always felt like Us vs Them.

Around the time I turned 13, he was 16. I was hitting that special time known as puberty, and I started maturing. So guys started flirting with me. Mom and dad would never let me date anyone. I was way too young for that. But my bro always helped me sneak out and meet with boys, acting as if he was taking me somewhere- so my parents would know I was in good hands. He encouraged me to be free and ejoy the stuff that our parents wouldn't let us. But, for reason, whenever he left me alone with the never felt right. I couldn't do any of the things I craved. I just wasn't attracted to any of them. I couldn't figure out why it never worked out. But it was so sexually frustrating! I was getting so horny, yet I could never let myself go with any of the boys. I didn't feel safe.

I was a pretty girl, if I don't mind saying so myself. 5'3, long blonde hair. My breasts had grown into nice, firm little boobies- about the size od my fists. And, even though I wasn't too proud of it, my butt became real plump and curvy. I thought guys would think I was fat. But instead, they all stared, and whenever I made out- they wanted to touch it. I even remember Todd jokingly warning me, before each of my little date "...and you protect that cute little butt of yours. If he gets too fresh, I'll kill him- heh."

For the next two years, as I became 15, with none of my mini-relationships working...I became more and more stressed out. Why couldn't I be intimate with any of them? I wanted to be touched. Licked. Groped. But every time they tried, I clamped up! One night, I called off one of my dates at the last minute. So me and Todd just hung out around town. He asked me what was wrong. I wasn't in the mood to talk about it. So we walked around, and went to this carnival that was in town.

He was so cute, trying so hard to win me some stuffed animals. I had a great time. We even took a ride on the ferris wheel. We sat there, side by side, in our on little booth. And with the moonlight, it felt almost romantic- which was weird, but I didn't car, because I was enjoying myself. As the wheel began moving, he put his arm around me while we chatted. And then, below the warmth of his when I realized it. I suddenly knew why I never liked any of the boys I went out with:

They weren't Todd

I suddenly got really nervous. I mean, I had just realized that I had the biggest crush in the world on my 18 year old brother! I hated myself. The rest of the night was kind of awkward. We went home. We got in 15 minutes later than we said, and our parents acted like it was the end of the world. They yelled and screamed, mainly at him- since he was supposed to be the responsible one. I felt so bad. He didn't deserve the full blame.

A couple of hours past, and it was midnight. My folks had gone to sleep, and I decided I wanted to sneak over to his room and tell him how sorry I was that he got scalded like that. So, in my panties and long t-shirt, I crept across the hall. Very quietly, I opened the door a crack...but when I peered in, I saw something I wasn't expecting. Todd was at his computer, and he was stroking his penis! I gulped with nervousness. What was he doing? Masturbation was wrong, according to my parents, and the church. But I got this chill down my spine, because he looked to be enjoying himself so much.

I squinted my eyes a bit to see the monitor, and what he was looking it. It was a porno clip, where the adult guy was having sex with this younger girl. And he was putting his penis in her butthole, instead of her vagina. I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't know you could do that! I could hear Todd moaning, and breathing hard as he stared at the anal intercourse. And I started getting really horning. I felt like there was a dam in me that was about to burst. So, right there, in the hallway, standing at the crack of his door, I reached under my long t-shirt and started touching myself.

Oh my god. It felt amazing. I couldn't understand why something that felt so good, was supposedly so bad. I stood there, lightly funning my finger up and down my pussy lips, feeling them get more and more wet. My knees started quivering. Years and years of sexual tension was getting unleashed. I felt everything start to shake, and all of a sudden, for the first time in my life, I came! I let out a gasp, and felt my warm cum start to run down my inner thighs. But my brother heard the gasp! I saw his head whip around. He couldn't see me, because the crack in the door wasn't big enough, the hall was very dark, and I bolted away to my room immediately.

My heart was racing. My panties were wet. And I was a mess. The rest of the night went as normal, altough I'm almost positive I felt Todd peer into my room to see if I was sleeping about a half hour later. For the time being, my dirty secret was still mine, and mine alone.

But over the course of the next few months, leading up to my Sweet 16, I began exploring myself daily. I fingered myself in every shower. I even snuck onto Todd's computer when he wasn't home. Almost all of his porn was either lesbian, or anal sex. The lesbian was interesting, but I loved the anal stuff. One night, I wanted to see if it was as good as the girls in the video made it out to me. So I laid in my bed, spread my legs, and began massaging my clit. I felt my juices start to seep out, so I plunged my fingers into my tight pussy. I coated one of my fingers with my own slippery cum, pulled it out, lowered it a bit, and slowly massaged my anus with it. It felt strange, but incredible all at once. I dipped my finger into my pussy again, for more lube, and then I pressed the tip of my finger into my ass. It slid in, and I felt a shiver run through my entire my body. It was such ana amzing turn on. I fingered my asshole for 5 minutes with one finger, then two, until finally I had 3 fingers in my ass, and 2 more in my pussy with my other hand. I was ravaging myself. But before I could cum, I heard my door slam shut...

Oh my god. I didn't know it was open! Did it close by itself. Was it the wind. I was frightened. What if someone had seen me doing such unholy things?? I couldn't sleep all night. I was expecting a monstrous lecture from my parents in the morning. What could I say? How could I deny it. But then, to my surprise, morning came- I saw my folks in the kitchen, and neither of them said a word. Neither of them saw it! Yes! But then it dawned on me that it might have been Todd. So when I saw him, I was really quiet. He entered the kitchen, and we locked eyes. We smiled at eachother, like we normally do. But our eyes told a different story. We both knew what happened.

I got so scared. What ws he going to say to me once mom and dad left? Would he lecture me? If he did, I would just point out that I saw him masturbating all those months ago- so he couldn't mad at me.

Well, they left to go have lunch with one of their couple friends from church. It was just me and Todd. He approached me as I sat on the couch in the living room. Here it comes- the conversation I had been dreading. But to my surprise, he didn't look tense at all. He smiled at me. I smiled back.

"I...saw you lastnight, Andrea, " he said.

"Oh my God...Todd. I can't bel..."

"Don't worry about it, sis. It's natural. Just be more careful next time. You're lucky it was me, and not mom or dad, that saw you," he said with a slick grin.

"I know! haha."

There was an awkward silence. And he looked at the TV. I acted like I did, too. But then I peered over, and saw that he was hard! My bro had this huge erection in his shorts. I felt my mouth salivate. I think he noticed I was staring, so he got up and awkwardly left the room.

For the rest of the week, we didn't say a word about any of that stuff. Afterall, this was the week leading up to my big Sweet 16 party. We planned, and planned. Took RSVPs from school friends, family, and church friends. It was hard for me to focus on all that stuff, because I was so horny. But I did my best. Todd was cool as ice. I couldn't tell if any of what had happened had affected him at all since that day.

And then, the day came. It was 6 o'clock. Two hours before the party. And we were already at the church hall that we had rented out. We were setting up the place for the guests. At 6:30, mom and dad told Todd to drive me back home to get dressed for the party. This was the first time he and I were alone together since that day. The conversation in the car was brief. It seemed like the two of us had a lot more on our minds than we were letting on.

We got home and went to our rooms. I pulled off my shirt, and my jeans, and bent over my bed to grab my dress...when I suddenly felt his hands on me. As shocked as I was, I felt my body instantly warm to his touch. I looked back at him, and he placed a finger over his lips...


So I faced away from him as his hands continued to caress my back. They ran around infront of my and cupped my breasts. I felt the most incredible sensation in me. He lowered himself a little and began to kiss my neck from behind. I was in heaven. I felt him un-clasp my bra with one hand, while the other stroked my breasts, lightly pinching my nipples. They got real hard, and then he ran that hand down my flat stomach, towards my panties. His fingers effortlessly slipped beneath them and started to touch my pussy. My big brother ran his middle finger up and down my virgin pussy lips, making me shiver, until he finally pressed it into me. I had wanted him for so long now, and finally, I had him where I wanted him. After a minute of hearing me moan, and getting his finger plenty wet, he pulled his hand out of my panties and- as if he absolutely had been dying to- he brought the finger to his mouth and tasted me. He let out a sound like he had just tried an exquisite food and then, like a man possessed, he bent me forward and pulled down my panties.

On his knees, with my ass in his face, he plunged his face forward. He lightly bites my plump butt cheeks, and teases his tongue up and down my crack. I was euphoric. He made me stand me feet further apart, and he placed one of his hands between my legs to continue fingering me. With his face still back there, he started to tease his tongue ever so closely to my asshole. I couldn't take it anymore, with two of his fingers penetrating upward into my pussy, I just had to reach back. I spread my butt cheeks apart, showing him my rosebud. Taking my hint, he moved in and started to rim my asshole with his tongue. I had to let go of one of my cheeks and clutch the bed cover...I could barely handle how amazing it felt. He licked my ass like there was a prize for him buried within it. As my hole got looser, and more moist with his licks, I felt him start to tongue fuck it. All the while, he's still fingering my pussy.

And then, a sudden rush of guilt hid me. I wanted him inside me, but I couldn't! It was already wrong to be doing this with my own sibling, but to have sex before marriage....I just wasn't prepared to go that far even though I wanted to so badly. So amidst my high pitched moans and heavy breathing, I said "Todd, I love you so much. I want you, but...I can't...."

He seemed to know exactly what I was going to say, and was prepared with a response already- "I know what you're going to say, sis. But there is a way to get around it."

"What?" I asked.

"We can have have intercourse, Andrea...just not in the 'keeper of your virginity'. Get me?"

The biggest rush of relief in the world came over me. I knew what he meant, and I had grown so accustomed to- and turned on by anal sex, that I was ready to get back doored by my brother this instant.

I saw him reach into his pocket, while kneeling behind my ass, and pull out a small bottle of KY Jelly. But I stopped him. I took it out of his hands while staring seductively into his eyes. I stood him up, undid his belt buckle, pulled down his pants and dropped to my knees. I lowered his boxer briefs and stared straight ahead at his hard-as-a-rock 7 inch dick. I felt my mouth salivate at the sight of it, in all its swelled-up glory. I gave one look up at him, grabbed it with one hand, and started to lick the tip of it- just like I had seen some of the girls in his porno files do. My brother nearly passed out. There he was, looking down at his 16 year old little sister, down on her knees with her white panties down at her ankles, sucking on his dick. I could tell that this was driving him crazy, so I made sure to intensely lock eyes with him while lashing his head with my tongue- cleaning off the pre-cum. With a devilish grin on my face, I licked the sides of his rod, and started stroking him off. He was breathing hard, reaching back for the walls for support- staring down at his little sis suck him off.

By thus point, my asshole was clammering for his dick. I wanted it real bad. So I licked up the last of his precum, knowing that he was ready to drill me, and I spit on the tip of it. I didn't want any lube, so I soaked his dick up with my own saliva, before standing up, turning around and bending over. He came right up behind me, spit a little of his own saliva onto my ready hole, and then pressed the tip of his dick into it. It didn't go in right away. I took a deep breath and relaxed all of my muscle down there, as he gently slipped it in. It got passed the ring, and then plunged deeper and deeper up my ass. I gasped from the slight pain surging through me, but I loved it. And then he brough it all the way, so I could feel his pelvis pressed up against my cheeks. And then he began gently thrusting. This was it! I was getting my ass banged by my brother. I began fingering my clit, and getting very into it.

"Talk to me," he said.

"Do me, Todd. I love you. Screw me...."

With a sly grin on his face, he added this: "Andrea, mom & dad aren't here. You can say it. Say the real words you want."

He was right! I was completely free now to speak however I wanted. So I looked back at him, with the sexiest face I could conjure up, looked right into his eyes, licked my lips, and let loose: "F...f....fuck me! Yes!! Drill your cock up my ass, Todd!"

This made his knees quiver as he fucked me. "Fuck me harder. I want your cum in my ass! YES!" It felt amazing. And when I realized how hot he looked, his face, and his sweaty chest. I said, "Todd, I want to see you more...." so I reached back and pulled his dick out of my ass. Feeling it slide out almost made me cum right there, but I held it in.

I threw my dress off of the bed, laid down on it on my back, and he knew exactly what to do. He mounted the bed with me, pinned knees up against my chest, with one of my calves on each of his shoulders...and pressed his dick into my asshole again. " God....I've wanted you so bad, sis. Do you like it in your ass?" "YES! Yes, Todd. Do it. I Love You. Fuck me!" I pressed my head up, and the two of us kissed passionately. Our tongues rubbing against eachother, and then nibbling eachother's lips. He continued to ram my tight ass, until I could see him about to cum.

"Shoot it, Todd. Cum inside your little sister. There's no turning back. I want your cum in ass!" And then, with a yelp, I felt his body collapse over me. Inside the ring of my ass, I felt the gerth of his cock pulsating. One big load, then another, and I could feel the warmth inside me. And then, with one my stroke of my clit, I made myself cum hard as well. We embraced eachother, our sweaty bodies filling the room with our heat. Breathing hard, we made out a little more. He left his cock in me this whole time.

And then, with little time to spare, we finished getting ready for the party and drove back. That night, I recieved many nice things from my friends & family. But, by far, the greatest gift of all had already been inside me.

And this felt like only the beginning.

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